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Spirit and The Flesh, The: Sexual Diversity in American Indian Culture, Walter L. Williams, 1992.

The Transsexual’s Survival Guide II to Transition and Beyond for Family, Friends, and Employers, Stringer, J.A. (1993), King of Prussia, PA: Creative Design Services.

Cross-Dressing, Sex, and Gender, Bullough, V.L., & Bullough, B. (1993), Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press. This is a well-researched and footnoted work, the most complete on crossdressing since Hirschfeld’s Die Transvestiten, written in 1910. In the first half, the authors take a historical approach, examining both crossdressing and notions of gender through the ages. In the second half, they look at nineteen- and twentieth- century crossdressing phenomena, including transsexualism (but the major focus is on crossdressing). Several chapters explore the personality of heterosexual crossdressers, and one chapter examines the research on female partners of crossdressers. A very thorough and insightful work.

Gender Dysphoria: Interdisciplinary Approaches in Clinical Management, Walter Bockting and Eli Coleman, Haworth Press 1993. Enhance your expertise wit the most up-to-date information about gender identity disorders in Gender Dysphoria. This book stresses the need to evaluate and treat gender dysphoria in the context of the individual’s overall mental and physical health. The contributors, who are international experts in the clinical management of gender dysphoria, present valuable, contemporary approaches in assessment, psychological and medical treatment, and adjustment of individuals with gender identity disorders.

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