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Annotated Bibliography

Selected readings on transvestism, transsexualism and related subjects.

Compiled by JoAnn Roberts & Dallas Denny.

Updated Dec 2000.

The bibliography presented is divided into two major categories: professional and popular publications. The professional category contains objective scientific research literature, whereas the popular category contains works of a more general nature, some of them very subjective. Because transsexuals and transvestites cross the line between gender roles, works discussing femininity and masculinity are also included. Not all of the works listed here present transvestism or transsexualism in a positive manner.
This bibliography is by no means complete and suggestions for additions are welcome. Please include all pertinent information about any addition you suggest.

 Books from 1960’s & earlier
 Books from the 1970’s
 Books from the 1980’s
 Books from the 1990’s

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